Dependency injection with Koin

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Доклад хорошо структурирован и раскрывает интересные аспекты. Дэнни использует фреймворк в продакшне и готов поделиться своим опытом. Кроме того, он известен как отличный спикер!

Dependency injection via frameworks like Dagger were present in most modern Android projects. But then Kotlin happened. And since then a bunch of new libraries like Koin or Kodein appeared.

We went through the migration from classic annotation processing DI framework to Koin in our projects.

We chose it for its simplicity. We were happy about its testing capabilities. And as early adopters we were happy when in summer 2018 first 1.0 beta came out with some great adjustments. Let's look at the full 1.0 features. Let's look at migration steps. Let's discuss when to use it and maybe when not to.

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